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PCNet File Catch - Ultimate StartUp Manager


Okay, let's face it, most of us, or at least in my case, have lost control over Windows. DOS was pretty simple, there just weren't many places for programs to "hide" but in Windows, sheesh, they can be fired up automatically any number of ways.

This isn't always a bad thing, many of the gadgets and gizmos are pretty handy but eventually all this stuff is going to clobber your computer because, after all, each and every program is going to take both memory and processor time. Add enough gizmos and pretty soon your applications (word processing, browser) slows to a crawl.

With Windows loading stuff all over the place plus the really sneaky stuff like spyware, viruses and ad-ware how do you get a handle on it all?

Ultimate StartUp Manager. It helps you control what's loaded plus a lot more as well.

Without a doubt the neatest feature I found in Ultimate StartUp Manager was the ability to boot to a "clean" system. They call it "turbo mode" and it'll provide the best performance and stability possible. I have a "junk" test machine that I load all kinds of junk on and after going into "turbo mode" it convinced me it was still a usable computer, it was just bogged down by "junk" (man, I wish this wasn't a g-rated site because I have some very colorful alternatives to junk).

During turbo startup you can even have Ultimate StartUp Manager prompt you to select programs to load and create a "profile" that contains those programs. So maybe all your junk is stuff you want but from time to time you need to do a processor intensive job like video rendering; not a program, fire up your "high performance" profile, do your heavy duty job and then boot back to your normal configuration.

Take back control of your PC, check it out.

Shareware. 14 day trial. 2.3Mb Download now.


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