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Okay, I have a problem with personal computers. I want them to be personal!. Some big company may be able to define some things I can't change, but as long as I can click a mouse I want it to be as much to my personal tastes as I can get it.

System Mechanic (SysMech for short) is the industrial strength toolbox for tweaking and fixing Windows. The first screen you get is appropriate to the nature of the program; it reminds me of one of those huge tool boxes on wheels you see in professional garages. This is heavy duty software.

SysMech covers three areas; files, system and Internet.

I can't do justice to all three without going to four pages, but in the files section you have tools to remove junk and obsolete files, find and fix broken shortcuts, find and remove dupe files and securely delete files and folders.

In the Internet section you can erase various Internet related files and tweak your system for maximum speed based on your connection.

The system area is my favorite; you can clean the registry, manage startup items, customize settings, remove invalid uninstaller info and an installation monitor that will track the installation of new software or otherwise track changes made by software.

Let's take a look at the startup manager.

System Mechanic displayed items I just couldn't find using any other tool and it found a couple of bad references which I disabled and I was also able to disable another program that I didn't want loaded at startup. Controlling start up items is as easy as highlighting them and clicking the enable or disable button.

There's a maintenance wizard that allows you to consolidate multiple maintenance tasks into one easy step. Even schedule it to run unattended.

This is on the top of my utilities list, I wouldn't want to be without it and if you like to get into the "personal" part of a PC or keep it running in top condition you'll want to take a close look at this guy.

Download System Mechanic trial version (7Mb)
Download System Mechanic Pro trial version (33Mb)










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