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Space Hound - The cure for reclaiming wasted hard drive space

If you spent any early morning hours during the 90's surfing TV you may recall the angry woman that jumped around in infomercials screaming "stop the insanity". I feel that way when I check free space on my hard drive. Used to be 20Mb (yep, that's Mb) was a lot and now the 40Gb hard drive that had miles of space on it a couple of years ago is bursting at the seams.

I run disk cleanup and look at my free space and end up yelling "stop the insanity" at the monitor. Fortunately the monitor doesn't yell back and the dog already knows I'm crazy.

There's not much I can do about Windows and applications being disk hungry but things are so out of control I'm often my own worst enemy with multiple copies of files lost in the litter of everything else.

Along comes Space Hound to help me run it all down. Yup, there are other space waste finders but Space Hound is by far the best by supplying a heavy duty tool for virtually any waste area you can think of.

Firstly if you simply want to do a quick clean up there is an easy and fast to run routine that'll take out backup, check disk, temporary files as well as other space wasters. Simply bring up the function, check mark the files you want Space Hound to search for and the drives you want to search and off it goes.

Not sure what a particular file is? Space Hound's help system will explain it to you.

Want to find duplicates? Space Hound allows you to easily search for identical file names, exact duplicates and even identical content files including optionally looking inside of compressed files.

Throw in a folder synchronize function and tools to do things like identify shared DLL files, system protected files, even export your file list to Access or Excel and more along with a very elegant interface and it ends up on the top of the heap.

Space Hound is shareware from Fineware System and is free to try and $40.00 to buy. A spyware free download (7.5Mb) is available by clicking here.



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