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PCNet File Catch - Replay Music

Easily capture anything you can hear on your sound card.

I really appreciate the way Internet radio has gotten me to listening to music again, no more depending on the radio to play something I like or listening to the same music I've been listening to in years. I'm being exposed to new stuff and I'm enjoying it.

But I'm not always connected and when I'm not I really miss what I hear on Pandora.

Now there's Replay Music. It's so simple that you can put it in a sentence; Save anything that plays on your sound card to disk.

That's it. Oh, maybe I should say easily capture it. Just fire up your favorite Internet radio station, fire up Replay Music, tell it where you want to store the files and that's it. Oh, you may have to adjust the amount of "dead air" between tracks so it can correctly split songs but otherwise everything else is automatic; Replay Music will capture the song, go out to a song database to gather the title, artist name and other info for the MP3 tag and filename and save it for later replay.

replay music - record internet audio

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There are some additional tools built into Replay Music. A CD burner and a tag editor and they work just as well as the recording portion of the program.

The program is one of a group of capture programs from Applian Technologies. In addition to capturing audio they have programs for capturing video and all sorts of interesting stuff.

A demo of all their programs is available at the above link. The demo of Replay Music will allow you to capture 25 tracks and if you decide to buy it it will set you back $19.95.

Check it out along with some of the other products from Appian, think you'll be impressed.



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