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Fix Windows Registry With Registry First Aid

Is Windows crashing on you far too often? I had that problem before I starting a regular routine of fixing my registry. It was far too complex for me to do by hand and I love Fix-It but now there's a less expensive (and better in my opinion) tool to handle the task.

The problem is that when you uninstall most software it leaves behind registry entries. You can try and hunt them down but for me it was a losing battle. In addition there's just a lot of, well, since this is G rated, plain old junk that ends up in the registry. Frankly I'm astonished at how much useless and unused garbage ends up there.

Now comes Registry First Aid. It scans the registry for orphan file/folder entries, finds files or folder that have been move and corrects them and even deletes any entries relating to deleted applications. A screen shot of what you might see:

registry first aid screenshot, the best way to keep windows running

If you're not currently using a registry fix program this is a must have. Try it out and you might be surprised at the number of problems it comes up with and, after fixing, how much more reliable and faster your computer is. I now run Registry First Aid once a week and have been doing so for over two years and it still surprises me.

Don't be without this guy.

Shareware, free to try, $21 to buy.

Download now (1.4Mb)

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