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Media Manager

It used to be that I couldn't find anything because it was always on that 160Kb diskette that was always like the lost sock, I could find anything but the one that had the data I needed. There were elaborate catalog programs that would keep track of disks, print nifty looking inserts and do all kinds of things....except find the blasted diskette.

What a great change hard drives delivered. The prospect of 10Mb of storage on a drive eliminated the floppy shuffle and things were good. Of course there wasn't a lot to put on a hard drive, some documents, some spreadsheets and maybe a checkbook ledger. Ah, everything at my finger tips.

Yikes, how those days have changed. I have some files that exceed 10Mb multiple times. Files and stuff all over the place or, even if they're in a single folder, there are tons of them and I'm almost back to where I started....at least I can find the drive, even if I can't find the file.

I'd solved the problem with managing email with AskSam but I was still floundering with multimedia files. Music, images and video are all over the place and yep, I end up burning a bunch of time just trying to find that certain file that's elusive at the exact moment that I need it.

Then I found Media Manager and solved the next leg of my data catalog nightmare. Media Manager put me back in control of all my multimedia files.

Media Manager allows me to thumbnail all my images which isn't all that remarkable but it goes a step further with allowing me to catalog all multimedia files including audio and video using a variety of configurable layouts. Full playback is done right inside of Media Manager.

Files can be rated with a value. I can then go back in and searched using that value as a search key. In addition I can tag files, either when I import them or later on. For instance I can automatically add a "rock and roll" key when I import selected files and then go back in and refine them further and then search using those keys.

Speaking of import it's easy yet powerful. I can import using predefined conditions and thus eliminate importing certain files. Much more selective than importing an entire directory and then having to go back and eliminate that I didn't really want included.

Search is powerful allowing a search using multiple criteria including keys, filenames, content, date or size either individually or in combination.

There are more features; reports that can be exported to html, full file manager functions such as copy, move and delete, CDDB support via FreeDB.org and movie and game data import from IMDB, searching inside of ZIP, RAR and CAB files and a ton more.

The definitive solution for keeping your files under control, don't spend more time finding it than it's worth, using Media Manager and keep everything at your fingers.

Shareware. $30.

Download evaluation version (8.05Mb)








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