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PCNet File Catch - MasterFind - Find files fast without indexing.

No question there are a ton of ways to find files and the options continue to expand every day.

But I was still disappointed. XP's native search is pokey at best, Microsoft's desktop search worked swell until I gave it too many files and then it started to generate errors. Google Desktop wouldn't work with my preferred browser (Opera) and besides, is it really a good idea to let the biggest search engine in the world look inside your kimono? And forget Copernic desktop, it would install but then it wouldn't do anything. Go figure.

Besides what I really wanted was a way to find files since I usually use descriptive filenames. I wanted fast. Nor did I want the indexing that all the other programs bring to the table. Sure, they're supposed to index  when you're not, but since I almost always have something going on it didn't work out.

Something fast that doesn't index. Sounds impossible.

But it's not. MasterFind not only offers blazing fast file searches but it does it without indexing. Don't ask me how, it's like finding a hundred dollar bill in your sock drawer. Don't question, enjoy.

The interface is as usual as can be and looks a lot like the native XP search facility, you can select to search only selected drives, use a filemask with wildcards, etc.

That's 1,748 matches in 2.1 seconds looking at 338,541 files including 39k files on a pokey USB attached drive. That's smoking.

The other parts of the search form are familiar as well. Include or exclude subfolders, include or exclude system and hidden files and since it's the standard explorer window you can even use the view/choose detail option to include other info in the output such as title, for MP3 or Camera info for photos.

True, it won't search file contents but it's rare when I need to do that, I know part of the filename, I just need help in locating it.

Even if you don't need it try it out, seeing MasterFind in action is nothing short of amazing.

The program will set you back $15. Download the 1.3Mb fully functional 30 day demo and give it a spin, it'll make you think you computer is actually fast.




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