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Tired of typing in the same commands or text over and over again? You need a macro program that will allow you to create a series of keystrokes and via a special hot key (usually a combination of keys) allow you to replay the keystrokes, just as if you were typing them in. Using a keyboard macro you can automate just about any task, especially those that are incredibly repetetive.

MacroMaker from Anthony Mathews fits the job nicely. After installing with Windows installer (a link is available from the MacroMaker download site if you don't have it) it loads in your system tray and you can call it up at any time and edit or add a macro. The macro creation dialog is a slam dunk:

Whip up your macro, save it, hit the hot key to invoke it and off it runs, a real time saver.

Software from Anthony Mathews. Download here.

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