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PCNet Software Pick - LinkStash - Powerful bookmark manager.

So who needs a link manager? There's one built into every browser, anything else is just a waste.

Probably very true if you just have a few links and only use one browser, don't have any issues with dead links, don't need any portability with another computer and remember all your passwords or don't have a browser that remembers them for you.

But if you have any of these issues things can quickly become a complete nightmare. Even if you have links in tidy little categories they can be hard to find and months later you may not even be sure why you saved it in the first place.

And don't get me started on multiple browsers. I use IE, Opera and Firefox and there's simply no good way to keep bookmarks synchronized between the three, much less passwords.

LinkStash solves all that and more in one handy and centralized database of links allowing you to launch a site directly from the LinkStash program.

Setup is easy. You're prompted to import your existing bookmarks and set the default browser, either directly in the program or by opting to use whatever the Windows default browser is.

Once imported launching a link in the default browser is as easy as clicking on a link. Optionally you can right click a link and select from a variety of browsers.

Click on image to enlarge

Want to rate sites, just left click and select the ranking option and assign a rank. Have a site or sites that you visit every day? Again right click and select the highlight option and give the link a yellow background. An option to tag a link is also available.

Have trouble finding a certain site? I sure do and LinkStash has a great search feature. Enter a search term and all links containing that term will pop up.

My favorite feature is the ability to add a comment. Months later I have info on why I saved a link in the first place. To make it even better the search feature includes searching on the comment field helping me find obscure links.

Link checking is a great new feature in the latest release. No more dead links in your bookmarks.

Portability is a snap. The portable version allows you to install LinkStash on a USB flash drive and no only is it portable between browsers but it's portable between PCs. Using a "strange" PC? Just insert the USB drive and there are all your links.

Other options abound including sorting the bookmark list on any of the fields as well as adding bookmarks directly to LinkStash from the browser via a keyboard key combo. The installation of LinkStash (optionally) adds LinkStash tools to Internet Explorer (this feature isn't available for Opera or Firefox).

Plus there are a ton of new features in the latest release. Rather than try and cover them all here there's a tiny list at the LinkStash site.

A LinkStash 30 day demo is available here. If you decide to purchase it'll set you back $19.95.

LinkStash; don't browse without it.


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