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PCNet Software Pick - Life Poster Maker.

Ya know, I take a pretty good picture. By that I'm not bad at what I snap but when it comes to doing anything with them I'm pretty much print it and hope. Anything beyond that is outside of my scope to be sure.

If you've ever wanted to create a photo collage it's pretty much impossible in most graphics programs. You have to constantly resize images and things rarely "fit".

Life Poster Maker allows you to create posters and collages with just a few clicks. It's so easy to use with such outstanding results you won't believe it.

You start by selecting a template for the format and the size, either one of the ten that come with Life Poster Maker or one that you've created.

Once you've selected the template it's as easy as loading images into the various locations using the usual Windows "file open" dialog.

Once the images are entered you have the option to add various effects or modify them. You can convert the image to black and white or add sepia tone to the image. In addition you can change the shape of the image, add a frame or drop shadow, tilt one or all the images, flip, rotate, expand or even crop.

Click on image to enlarge

What to do with the posters after you've created them? You can create posters that are as small as 8.5 X 11" and print them out locally. If you have a printer that will handle large sized paper you can print out larger posters locally as well.

Don't have a photo printer? No problem, Life Poster Maker offers a unique idea; you use their interface to a printing service and the program is free. If you want to do your own printing or use another service it will set you back $24.95 for the software.

I can't do justice to all the features so I suggest you drop by the publishers web site and get a feel for all the features as well as download the actual software. I should add that Life Poster Maker is written by Lincoln Beach Software which has a long history of swell software that's not only good but easy to use. Of special note is their new Image Elements program which makes modifying photographs as easy as a couple of clicks.

Well worth checking out.


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