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You may have a pop-up blocker, you may have a spyware detector and you may even have something that blocks personal information and yet another to clean up Internet tracks.

They all work well, more or less, but you're probably spending a lot of time running around keeping them all updated or they're chewing up a lot of resources, not because they're big programs, but because they all have overhead just from being loaded.

What if one program gave you all of those and added the ability to anonymously connect to the Internet at the same time?

GhostSurf does just that, all in one reasonably easy to use program.

I say reasonably, it's not a slam dunk, you still have to decide what sites you want to allow to have personal information as there will most likely be some that needed it in order to effectively transact with but it's all handled in an easy to use control panel.

GhostScript Screen Shot

You can set your security level for new web sites to any combination to block personal info, block popups or route traffic through an anonymous hub. After the web site is automatically entered you can right click on it and change any aspect including doing a whois which gives you domain registration info to help you identify it.

A note on the anonymous hub feature. This routes you to a hub that acts as your proxy; requests and replies go to the hub and are then routed to the destination. Therefore only the hub is able to identity you and the target site only sees the hub as transacting with it. Naturally this adds some overhead and you'll probably want to use this feature on a limited basis.

I'm hardly a security expert and this won't replace my firewall, but it sure will replace a lot of the other programs I currently use.

This may not be only a pick of the week, but the pick of the year and you'll want to check this guy out for sure.

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