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PCNet Software Catch - Gemsweeper

It's not that I don't like shoot 'em up games. I do, I'm just not very good at them. Plus they rarely leave me relaxed. For that reason games like Arcade Lines really does it for me. When I learned that the brains behind Arcade Lines had a new program called Gemsweeper I couldn't wait.

If Arcade Lines is like Tetris then Gemsweeper is like minesweeper, a classic. But before the game even started I was struck by the incredible graphics that start right away explaining the background.

Click on image to enlarge

How do people do that kind of stuff? Amazing.

Then on to the program. You have two options, either quest mode or arcade mode but in either case the object is pretty much the same; to turn over the good tiles and smash the bad tiles using the numerical hints included.

Click on image to enlarge

The above is an example of a simple puzzle, the kind you'd seen in the trail version of the program. For even more of a challenge the paid version of the program includes puzzles with as may as 30 x 30 tiles.

Solving them isn't rocket science but it's not a piece of cake either. It requires just the right amount of thought to be both challenging, fun and entertaining.

And that's the secret, the perfect confluence of all three along with some stunning graphics to create the perfect game.

Download the 15Mb trial from Lobstersoft. If you decide to purchase it'll set you back $19.95.


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