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FTP Voyager

I use FTP Voyager every day, day in and day out and I guess I tend to take it for granted. Recently I was working on a machine that had another ftp client installed and wow, does absence make the heart grow fonder.

The basics include an interface that looks and works just like Windows Explorer. If you use Windows Explorer fire up FTP Voyager and you're right at home, you're going to know how to use it.

Just drag and drop between the "local view" (anywhere on your hard drive) pane of FTP Voyager and the remote pane and that's it, it's transferred. Mark multiple files just like you do in Windows. It's that easy. You can even filter your views so eliminate file types you don't want to see.
Switching from ascii to binary transfers is automatic, you can use the synch feature to synchronize local/remote folders and automatic resume of broken downloads is supported. Even change file attributes on remote systems (very handy for those pesky Unix "chmod" needs). If you use ftp you don't want to be without this guy.

Shareware. Free 30 day evaluation, $40 to register. Download here.



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