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PCNet File Catch


If you've ever tried to do anything with Outlook Express files you know that they're in some sort of binary format that makes any sort of outside management impossible.

There's also the annoying habit of corrupt message folders and once they're corrupted OE won't touch them.

DBXtract is a free tool that extracts all mail and news messages from Outlook Express DBX files. 

Usage is just about as easy as it gets. Double click DBXtract (you will need the Visual Basic 6 run time but info on how to get those is available at the DBXtract site if you don't have it) and you're presented with a simple to use screen:

Select the input path and file and where you want to ship it and you're done. You'll get a bunch of *.eml files, each of which you can click on and open or drag back to Outlook Express.

A real gem if you've ever had to do anything with OE files.

Free (donations accepted) from Stephen Cochran 

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