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Darn! Passwords!

Okay, okay, if you're like me you've probably gotten lazy and used the same user name and password on multiple sites or you've depended on your browsers ability to remember a password. All well and good, who can keep up? But what happens if it's a site that doesn't accept your standard user name and password or if your browser forgets? Or worse what if you're using your laptop which never had the password in the first place? Ouch, most likely you'll have to either ask for your password info via email or go through a new sign up session.

Darn integrates with your browser and stores passwords in a safe directory on your local hard drive. Darn requires only that you remember one password and from there it'll manage all the rest.

If you use more than a couple of passwords you'll want this guy.

30 day trail version.  $24.95 to purchase.

Download Now (2.7Mb)

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