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Bookmark Base - A must have for multiple machine browsers.

Bookmark Base struck me off the get go as one of those "head slappers"; an elegant solution to a problem that's been hounding me since Netscape 1.0.

Here's the deal; if you have more than one computer you using for browsing, either two desktops, a desktop and a laptop or even a desktop and an Internet Cafe you're going to run into a situation where you make a new bookmark and then get all hassled about getting it on your other machine(s).

Sure you can export or import, but that's only good for one time importing, next time you export and import you're going to get duplicates and depending on how many bookmarks you keep you're going to get a LOT of duplicates.

So you could try the cobble I used for a while; keep a hidden web page of all my bookmarks and use that page as my bookmark list. Yeah, that really worked for me considering I'm so lazy I got around to updating it every half year. By that time I had forgotten all those neat sites I've bookmarked on the laptop.

Here's the killer solution; Bookmark Base which will maintain a central repository of all bookmarks and manage those bookmarks within your browser.

There is one small caveat to get the maximum out of Bookmark Base; you'll want to install Bookmark Base on a USB drive. It doesn't even need to be a big USB drive as the program is only 632Kb. You'll also need room for your bookmark file and that will vary depending on how many bookmarks you have but a $10 USB drive should do nicely.

Fire up Bookmark Base, select import and the browsers you want to import bookmarks from and there are your bookmarks:

Click on image to enlarge to full size.

If you want to operate Bookmark Base without putting any info on the machine you're working on simply right click any link, select open and it opens using the default browser. Use a computer at an Internet Cafe? Insert your USB drive and there are all your bookmarks.

Suppose you have two machines; we'll call them desktop and laptop. Run Bookmark Base on the desktop, choose Import from IE  (or whatever browsers you use) and there are all your bookmarks. Remove the USB drive, go to your laptop, select export, select Opera (or again, whatever browser you use) and select OK. Bingo, there are all your bookmarks...merged with your existing bookmarks.

Bookmark Base supports multiple browsers; Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, K-meleon and SeaMonkey. Want something else? The authors ask you to drop them a note requesting support. In addition Bookmark Base supports XBEL.

A modest $19.95 removes all the limits of the trial version which is available from the author here. As usual with anything I recommend there's no spyware or malware here, just good software.

If you have more than two computers you use for browsing you'll want to check this guy out.





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