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PCNet Software Pick - AscToHTM - Convert any text file into HTML.

It's not often that I get to use "elegant" to describe a program these days.

That's why I got so excited about AscToHTM, a program that will convert text, either plain text or delimited, into HTML that can then be easily displayed in a browser, either locally or via a web page.

The program is simplicity itself.

Simply select the file to convert, the type of file as show from the drop down menu in the example and click convert.

Elegance defined.

Does your text file have indentions or bullet points? No problem, AscToHTM will recognize same and convert them. Tables? Ditto.

There are a load of conversion options, all easily accessed via the "Conversion options" on the menu bar. What options? Check out the authors web site. It was created in text and then converted using AscToHTM. Wow.

But the real beauty is how well the program actually does the conversion. Here's a program that does what it claims, virtually perfect conversions every time. Forget Word's format to HTML feature and for that matter forget all the other text to HTML converters, they simply don't hold a candle to AscToHTM.

If you have one or a million text files to convert AscToHTM is the answer.

Download the 1.9Mb trail from JafSoft. If you decide to purchase it'll set you back $30.


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