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AlphaXP - Make Windows Transparent

I don't usually have a problem figuring out what category a program falls in; it's usually a utility, either a system or maybe a graphics utility, an application or a game. AlphaXP breaks the mold so I'm creating a new category: "Ain't it cool!"

Cool is what AlphaXP is. While I like to bang the drum on the "personal" part of a personal computer AlphaXP takes it to a new level that's both cool and functional.

What's it do? It makes windows transparent ranging from barely able to see to thing to hardly transparent at all.

This screen shot isn't going to do it justice but here's a look:

Let's look at what's going on. In the upper left is my text editor. Immediate behind that is Outlook with maximum transparency. To the left is event viewer, also at maximum transparency and to the right is disk manager, set at medium transparency. I can see everything that's going on, even though all the windows are open. Believe me, it's cool!

Options abound; setting transparent mode for a while is achieved with a three key click (I used the default of ctrl-shift-n where n is 1-9, indicating level of transparency) plus it adds a new "block" to the minimize, maximize, close area of application that allows access to transparency as well.

In addition you get fade effects, menu and tooltip transparency and toolbar transparency which does a cool fade in when you mouse over the toolbar. In fact just about anything in Windows can be made transparent.

There are tons more options and a very well done help system that will guide you through them so it's best to just try it for yourself, I could go on for pages.

For Windows 2000 and XP only.

Download now (1.7Mb)







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