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Welcome to the PCNet message system!

Ever thought about a place where you could enjoy good company, learn something and have fun? This is it. Not only will you find lively conversations but you'll also find the solution to just about any sort of computer problem you could run into.

Registration is not required but I do suggest it. It obligates you to nothing and it helps establish "who you are" so other members of our community can get to know you. Please click here to go to the registration area.

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The Rules

If you enter this area you agree to these rules.

No advertising and no spam. You know what it is. I am the final authority.

We're all here for the same purpose. While we may have strong disagreements about computing we can still respect each other (no matter how deranged the other guy is ;->) so no personal attacks. You know what a personal attack is and you don't need me to tell you.

At this point names aren't required but I encourage you to use one. It will help you be known become a member of a vibrant and interesting community.

This is not a software trading site. Illegal stuff won't be tolerated.

Please keep your language "G" rated else you'll offend me with words I've never heard before.


The message area creates a cookie. This is not used for any purpose other than this board. If you elect to include an email address it will not be given by me to anyone else. It may be necessary for me to  send out a mass email to all registered users. I have no plans to do this and I'm not sure why I would, but I'll reserve that option if something unforeseen comes up. If you provide your email address it will not be used by me to spam you or otherwise given to another party for any purpose.

Your IP address is logged. This information is maintained so that I may know the IP address of a poster if it comes down to it. No other use is made of this information.

With the exception of legal action any private information you post here will never be disclosed to another party.

The purpose of all this is to be clear, comprehensive and fair. If you have any concerns or issues I hope you'll ask.


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