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Filename: tweakmaster-pro.exe, 2.6Mb
Type: Shareware, $39.95
TweakMASTER PRO is a new generation Internet Optimizer. TweakMASTER promotes faster Internet download speeds by carefully and intelligently tweaking various 'hidden' Windows settings. It is ideal for ALL types of Internet connections including dial-up, cable modem, DSL, or satellite. Supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP plus AOL 5/6/7. TweakMASTER also includes an innovative DNS Accelerator to help websites load faster, a handy PC clock synchronizaton utility and AOL Disconnect Prevention. Using the Wizard, TweakMASTER can easily double your download speeds and improve your connection performance. Includes DU Meter to monitor your bandwidth and help you optimize your connection to the fullest extent possible!
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