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turbodemo tutorial creator


Turbo Demo - Create tutorials and demos in minutes.

Filename: turbodemo.exe, 8.2Mb
Type: Shareware, $299.00

If you've slaved over creating tutorials or program demos it can sometimes take as long as the coding. TurboDemo allows you to create your own demos, presentations, software simulations and tutorials in minutes, no programming required.

TurboDemo creates extremely small file sizes by optimizing and compression. The files load and run quickly. No multimeagbyte files so even dial up users will be able to access them.

No plug ins are required for playback. The demo file is operating system independent.

Results are interactive with the viewer though click areas, text areas and more.

This is no toy program and will save you loads of time either creating mock ups, demos or, my favorite, user manuals that users will actually use.

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