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System Mechanic's optimization tools speed up, streamline, and make your PC faster and more efficient.

  Boost Internet and download speeds up to 300%


NetBooster turbocharges your Internet and download speeds by optimizing hidden network settings in Windows for maximum velocity.


  Start-up Windows faster


Configure the programs that load when Windows does in order to streamline system start-up speeds for the fastest possible performance.


  High-speed disk defrag and optimization


Dramatically increase your hard drive speed and reliability with the disk defrag and optimization tool that employs proprietary Caterpillar Technology for flawless results everytime. NEW boot-time defragmentation even lets you defrag system files before Windows starts.


  Recover, defragment, & optimize system memory


Renegade applications steal away RAM without giving it back. Memory Mechanic recovers memory to increase system speed and prevent crashes.


  Tweak hundreds of hidden Windows settings


Fine-tune and optimize hundreds of undocumented Windows features that affect appearance, security, performance, your network, and more.


System Mechanic's PC repair tools are designed to fix stubborn and annoying computer problems.

  Clean and optimize your system registry


The Windows Registry is a critical element of your PC. Over time, it becomes cluttered and slow. System Mechanic's powerful Registry tools clean, backup, compact, and defragment your Registry for optimal performance.


  Find and fix broken shortcuts


Clean up your Desktop and Start Menu by re-linking or removing broken Shortcut links. Now you can easily move programs, files, or directories to a different location and re-link their existing shortcuts automatically.


System Mechanic's cleanup tools assist you in cleaning up unnecessary clutter and debris from your system.

  Get rid of junk files on your PC


Find and remove hazardous and space-wasting debris left by untidy programs, crashes, and unexpected restarts or shutdowns.


  Find and remove duplicate files


Clean up error-causing and space-wasting duplicate files and drivers. Easily find duplicate files on your system to be removed.


  Stop annoying Internet popup advertisements


Tired of endless pop-ups advertisements that never stop? Eliminate popup advertisements and speed up your Internet experience with Popup Stopper!


  Completely uninstall any application


Completely and safely remove any unwanted application on your computer - even if the application doesn't come with its own uninstaller.


  Cover the tracks you leave behind


Places you visit on the Internet, the programs and the files you use, and more are tracked every day. Keep this sensitive information private.


System Mechanic's security tools help you protect and secure your computer and sensitive information.

  Eliminate PC parasites with Spython™


By merely visiting certain sites or installing software, there may be more information going out from your computer than you are aware of - and some of it is potentially dangerous. Spython hunts down and destroys annoying adware and malware parasites with pinpoint accuracy!


  Startup Guard™: Increase PC security!


Automatically detect and prevent rogue programs, such as spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, and other annoying applications, from adding themselves to the Windows start-up configuration. Effectively add an additional layer of security to your PC with System Mechanic's Startup Guard™.


  Easily undo any action with SafetyNet™


Selectively undo any action performed with System Mechanic at any time. SafetyNet™ keeps track of all reversible actions performed with System Mechanic, so you can undo an individual action, or a complete transaction.


  Securely delete sensitive information


Incinerator™ allows you securely delete and remove traces of a file or folder's existence, securing your sensitive data to government and military standards.


  Track changes with system snapshots


Monitor the precise current status of your system now and track all changes that have taken place since your last system snapshot.


System Mechanic's maintenance tools easily maintain your computer to keep it smooth, fast, and error-free.

  Easy PC maintenance wizard


The ultimate in convenience! Perform critical repair, tune-up, maintenance, and security functions all from a single, easy to use interface.


  Schedule your PC's maintenance


Let System Mechanic automatically care for your PC with its built-in scheduled upkeep. Keep your PC running at maximum performance!


  Easily move any program


Easily move any program to a new drive or folder on your system with System Mechanic's new software relocater. The software relocater will handle preserving all the application's configuration and settings.


  Easy access with the Utility Bar


The Utility Bar is a dockable utility bar that gives you access to useful system information and tools - even when System Mechanic is not running.

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  Access logs and system statistics


Comprehensive activity monitoring and statistics let you look under the hood and see your PC's improvements for yourself.

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