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Download SuperSpeed XP - The ultimate XP speed up; run it from a RAM drive  
SuperSpeed XP - The ultimate XP speed up; run it from a RAM drive

Filename: superspeed.exe, 1.9Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $99.95 to buy.

Back in the DOS days before the days of hard drives it wasn't at all uncommon to run a computer from a RAM drive. It was fast, a ton faster than reading stuff from a floppy. This process pretty much fell off as operating systems became more complicated and hard drives became common. Now operating systems are HUGE complex beasts and are again a large bottleneck.

With SuperSpeed installed at system boot up time, the entire operating system partition is copied to a RAM disk which operates in two modes. In write through mode every write is synchronously mirrored to the hard drive, so that data loss is impossible. In lazy write mode, data is written to a memory buffer in the SuperSpeed software, which is flushed to disk periodically. On system shutdown, all data is written to disk automatically. Lazy write mode should be used with a UPS.

You really need to see this to believe it. XP actually seems fast.

Download SuperSpeed XP Now

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