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Download SQL Monitor - Complete Monitoring of SQL server.  
SQL Monitor - Complete Monitoring of SQL server.

Filename: sql-monitor.exe, 4.7Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $149.00 to buy.

SQL Monitor is a utility that allows dba's, developers and managers to get a snapshot of current activity and performance on Microsoft SQL Server databases.

It displays the performance of the SQL Server CPU, network and physical IO in easy to read graphs. It also shows session activity summarized down to user and database groups by individual user or by database as well as individual processes.

SQL Monitor can also be configured to notify you by email if the connection to a database server is lost or if the processor or response times are abnormally high.

SQL Monitor also has a very small footprint on the server allowing it to return statistics of the server performance even when the server is running close to full usage.

Download SQL Monitor now. Download SQL Monitor Now

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