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rip and tag it

 Rip and Tag It - Freedb-enabled ripper-tagger; rip audio CDs and edit MP3 tags.

Filename: rip-and-tagit.exe, 2.0Mb
Type: Freeware

A freedb-enabled ripper-tagger: - rip audio-cd's to mp3-files - edit mp3-tags (ID3v1 & ID3v2) scan an entire drive or only selected directories to locate the MP3-files you want to edit. The tags of the files found, are presented to you in a tabular way. This will allow you to edit the tag-data as if you were working in a spreadsheet. The program supports V1 and V2 tags in a completely transparant way and switches from V1 to V2 when needed (i.e. when the information you want to enter is too long for V1).


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