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Replay Music - Capture and replay online music; Pandora, any online music source  
Replay Music - Capture and save online music as MP3; Pandora, any online music source

Source: applian tech (offsite link)
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $19.95 to buy.

I love online music, especially Pandora but I'm not always connected. Sure I can listen to the same old MP3's that I've heard a million times but I'm addicted to hearing the new stuff that online music sources exposes me to. Wouldn't it be great to capture it and save it for later replay.

Replay Music does just that. It's your computer's DVR for online music and works incredibly well. Anything that goes through your sound card can be captured and saved as an MP3.

Setup is easy; Replay Music sits there in the background and captures each song and saves it in high quality MP3 format automatically tagged with the artist, song title, album and genre. It works with any online music source including Napster, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, AccuRadio, Pandora, Urge and Myspace.

Replay Music will capture each track as a separate MP3 file. I did have to do a bit of "blank space" adjusting with Pandora as it combined a couple of songs but it didn't make more than a couple of adjustments before it worked perfectly. Now when the laptop is offline I can plug in the headphones and use my MP3 player just like I was connected.

I've tried them all, nothing stacks up against Replay Music for online audio capture.

Unlike other files in the PCNet library the download is at an offsite link. The demo allows you to capture 25 songs. I certify that it is spyware and malware free and if you don't like it you can easily remove it via the add/remove applet (and keep the 25 MP3 files).

Go to Applian Technologies web site and download the demo

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