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Download Remote Files Server  
Remote Files Server  - Simple remote file access via the internet using any version of Windows.

Filename: remote-files-server.exe, 3.2Mb
Type: Free to try, $60.00 to buy.

If you've ever wanted to make files instantly available to your employees or customers without setting up a server or using outside services Remote Files Server is for you.

Remote Files Server allows both http (web) and ftp (file transfer protocol) access to files over your local network or via the internet on both Windows server and non-server operating systems (this includes Windows XP).

Remote Files Server allows you complete control; set up an unlimited number of user accounts. One person (or a group that person is a member of) can access the folders and/or drives you specify. For instant you could allow access to the "employee" group access to certain folders/drives and allow members of the "customer" group access to certain folders/drives.

Remote Files Server allows both local and remote administration. It can even be customized with your own logo, etc. to create your own branded look and feel.

This is simple folks, nothing complicated here and a load easier than setting up Windows server and a lot less expensive.

click here to download remote files server. Download Remote Files Server

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