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Download registry reviver  
       Registry Reviver - Diagnose, clean and repair the Windows registry for optimum Windows performance

Click here to download. 11.8Mb
Type: Free to try, $29.99 to buy

It seems like everything that happens in Windows touches the registry and it seems like there are just a zillion ways for it to get messed up. Take uninstalling a program; some do a great job cleaning up after themselves but most leave a large number of entries in the registry. Even if they don't cause an outright error that Windows has to spend time recovering from they hang around in the registry database keeping it bloated and thus taking longer for Windows to comb through it.

So clean that sucker up with Registry Reviver.

Registry Reviver will scan your registry and offer fixes which will maximize performance, eliminate errors and crashes and increase performance and stability.

If nothing else give it a try and see how many errors it can fix. Some of them will be minor that won't cause problems but on most systems it will detect some serious problems that need to be addressed for optimal Windows performance.

Download Registry Reviver Now

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