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Filename: pixelshop.exe, 1.9Mb
Type: Shareware, $25.00

I've used a dozen icon design programs and they've all been pretty good but Pixelshop is GREAT. In fact I used it to make the PCNet icon (be sure and save PCNet in your favorites and you'll see it). No bragging on the art, I'm obviously no artist, but even as a non-artist I'm pretty proud of it and I give all the credit to Pixelshop. You don't need to be a webmaster or software developer to need an icon editor either, heck, use it to modify the "come with" icons for Windows or applications, you'll have a blast and the ultimate "personal" computer.

Pixelshop™ empowers you to create icons for applications, folders, the web and beyond, plus cursors and animated cursors.

Because, unlike other icon designers, Pixelshop fully supports all icon formats, including the new Alpha technology introduced by Windows XP, you won’t be held back by limits of technology. Pixelshop gives you the best.

Pixelshop is loaded with innovative tools and useful effects that help you create any icon quickly. There’s even a tool that allows you to create custom folder icons for Windows XP with only a few clicks.

You can start from scratch and create your icon directly with Pixelshop’s drafting tools, or import an existing Bitmap, JPEG, Gif, or Adobe® Photoshop® image.

Unlike other icon designers that force you to choose between ease of use and features, Pixelshop™ gives you both. Beginners find Pixelshop™ easy to use while pro’s find all the tools they need


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