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nelson email organizer pro

   Nelson Email Organizer Pro -
THE Outlook add-on to keep track of your emails.

Filename: nelsonemailorganizerpro.exe, 11.2Mb
Type: Shareware, $69.95

I've been following this program for a long time, glad to finally get it on PCNet.

Nelson Email Organizer Pro is a simple to use Outlook add-on that will help you find messages quickly, keep track of email conversations and give you an overall sense of - "having your email under control!" Let me repeat; "keep track of email conversations". You won't appreciate how nice this is until you see it in action.

If you've been struggling to organize your email, it's no wonder. As email piles up in your Inbox you soon become swamped - if you organize by folder you're continually filing messages and tweaking rules, and if you don't, you can't find messages when you need them.

The problem with Outlook is it shoehorns you into an Inbox/folder mentality - they only show your messages in one way. You can filter them but you can't easily view the same messages in different ways. For some people filters & rules are cumbersome and limiting. Think of Nelson Email Organizer Pro as an intelligent email sorter. It automatically organizes your email in all the ways you think about email - by date, by correspondent, by mailing list, by attachment, and so on.

Super fast keyword searching
Unified Message Stores - search across all your archive message stores
Correspondent folders created automatically - See all TO & FROM emails in a single folder
Create Categories for Projects - Simpler and more powerful than Outlook's
See all your mail that is "Active"; (pending action)
Separates subscription from correspondent mail
Attachment organizer

Nelson Email Organizer Pro will not affect your current Outlook mail. No need to worry. Nelson Email Organizer doesn't change anything in Outlook - just the way you look at it. Nelson Email Organizer is only an interface to the email messages, which are retained in Outlook.

Nelson Email Organizer Pro organizes your email by creating a separate catalog that is completely independent of Outlook. Outlook continues to collect your messages while you are using Nelson Email Organizer Pro.

Nelson Email Organizer Pro does not make copies of messages. Only indexes to the messages are created and stored. Your Outlook messages continue to be updated.

If you have a ton of email and can never find what you need when you need it this is your solution.


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