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music manager

 MusicManager - Easily manage all your music and sound files.

Filename: music-manager.exe, 2.9Mb
Type: Shareware, $19.00

Can't remember if you have a certain song?
You're sure you have a certain song, but can't locate it in your collection?
After downloading a song, you found out that you already had it?
Are you burning the same song on several CDs because you forgot you already had it?
Feel you need a program that can help you to keep trace of your entire music collection (CD, LP, mp3-CD, mp3-files, ...), but don't want to spend your evenings typing in the data?

MusicManager will help you build a catalog of all your music and sound files and allow you to easily add CD's manually or automatically. Scan MP3 CD's as well and even add vinyl without typing. Add comments and looking up album info without being connected to the Internet.


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