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Downloads -> Multimedia -> Media Digitizer

Download Media Digitizer - Download media digitizer - Convert your analog media to 
digital, rip vinyl and put it on CD  

 Media Digitizer - Convert your analog media to digital, rip vinyl and put it on CD


Filename: mediadigitizer.exe, 6Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $30.00 to buy.

Get ready to move your vinyl to CD. Now, ripping analog media is as easy as ripping Audio CDs! Using Media Digitalizer, you can easily create MP3s, WMAs, Audio CDs, TunePaks and even Wave files from cassettes, LPs or any analog media. You can even create more than one type of media from a single recording!

General Features & Benefits:
Simple, step-by-step interface that’s easy to use
Full help system, including tutorial
All components integrated….no need to use separate “recorder”, “editor” and “encoder” applications.
Single price which includes the complete system…no need to buy extra applications.

Recorder Features & Benefits:
Fully adjustable recording times…you don’t need to sit and wait for the tape or record to finish….with built-in recording times for common media sizes.
Support for two sided media, so you can record both sides in a single recording
Best of both worlds: Automatic AND manual track detection for any recording.

Encoder Features & Benefits:
Integrated support for WMA, MP3 formats
Encoders completely integrated into Digitalizer…no need to purchase or use multiple applications
Support for MP3 ID3 tags, including formats 1 & 2.
Support for advanced MP3 encoding options.
Adjustable WMA encoding rates & support for WMA tags
Can export uncompressed Wave files for optimum quality when editing further or encoding in an unsupported format.
Ability to create several different media formats from a single recording
Support for Digitope’s proprietary TuneZip™ TunePak™ format

CD Burner Features & Benefits:
Combine multiple recordings onto one CD.
Spread recording over 60 minutes over several CDs.
Support for Burn-Proof technology which prevents most buffer-underrun errors on supported CD-RW drives.
Fully adjustable CD burning speed from 1x to your drive’s maximum
Supports all CD sizes, including 650 MB, 700 MB and micro CDs.

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Download Media Digitizer Now

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