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Download MailTalkX Intelligent email front end, control spam, auto reply to messages, more..  
Intelligent email front end, control spam, auto reply to messages, more.

Filename: mailtalkx.exe, 3.9Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $29.95 to buy.

Flexible filtering options allow you to automatically delete or respond to messages (spam filter) on the basis of message headers. With MailTalkX filtering you can control spam, personalize the audio/visual notification of new mail and automatically forward and reply to messages. MailTalkX deals directly with the mail server so you can avoid downloading spam or irrelevant mail. Message header log, keep a log on all received messages. You can send new messages, reply to messages and forward messages manually as well, also include a Spell Checker. You may right click the mailbox icon to bring up the Accounts Commands. Right clicking the message will bring up the Messaging Commands. As an additional feature you may right click any blank area within the window for the Monitoring Commands. MailTalkX is a multi-language interface, all menus, dialog texts and messages. Create your own language by editing the language file directly.

Download MailtalkX Now

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