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Filename: mailbuddy.exe, 4.11Mb
Type: Shareware, $29.95
If you seriously use e-mail for mailing lists and pen pals you'll want MailBuddy. MailBuddy is an email tool where you can customize but also personalize emails. It is especially created for pen pals and email friends. You write one email and spread it to all of your email and pen pal friends. MailBuddy saves you hours of your precious time. You can handle as many email friends you want. MailBuddy does not need any technical server settings. You install it and it runs! MailBuddy is perfectly integrated with Outlook and Outlook Express. This means you can connect to your Outlook Address Book and use these addresses. When you send your emails in MailBuddy, you send them to Outlook or Outlook Express. This gives you the change to use the function provided from Outlook or Outlook Express.


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