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Interactive video


Interactive Video



Filename: interactivevideo.exe, 10.2Mb
Type: Shareware, $99.00

Welcome to the exciting new world of interactive video!  

The award-winning Interactive Video 1.0 lets you control what you view and how you view it – in full motion, vivid colour and rich sound. Navigate your video with full pan, tilt and zoom controls. Now you are no longer limited to the cameraman’s perspective.

Interactive Video makes it very easy for you to create spectacular interactive video packages very quickly and affordably.  

Use any video camera you have.  

Breathe new life into your collection of video files.

 Transform your standard video files into high-impact interactive presentations. Give your presentations that extra edge. Stand out from the competition! Import panoramic video from any source and Interactive Video will create stunning interactive video packages for you. Create panoramic video on the fly using donut video footage from any single-shot lens and video camera combination.

Interactive Video is very easy to use and empowers you to view your world from an entirely new perspective.  

Interactive Video creates interactive video packages that are complete and ready to use.  

Burn your packages to CD/DVD-ROM -- the “autorun” feature permits you to instantly immerse yourself in the exciting new world of interactive video as soon as you insert your interactive video package CD-ROM into your computer. 

Create and distribute as many interactive video packages as you want. No keys. No royalties.

Captivate your audience with the cool video package skin. Customize the cool video package skin with your own logo for a branded user experience. 

Enhance your video right within Interactive Video. No need for expensive video processing software. Save time and money.

 Interactive Video 1.0 is so easy to use that everyone can quickly create high-impact interactive video packages from any ordinary video clip or from a panoramic video clip.

Interactive Video is great value. Enjoy these and many other great features. Join the excitement!


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