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installaware net enterprise


InstallAware .NET Enterprise


Mimarsinan International

Filename: myahe.exe, 8.4Mb
Type: Shareware, $799.95

Setup Authoring Automation for Windows Installer: InstallAware provides an automation interface to programmatically generate and build complete setup projects. You can emit setup scripts from your own programs and even web pages, and then later build these setups. Author your own setup development front-ends, or toolkits for building custom versions of your software. Repackaging and Upgrades: For systems administrators facing complex deployment tasks, InstallAware offers a repackaging route that avoids the complexity and hassles innate in setup re-engineering: shelling to Windows Installer! Simply execute any MSI setup and install/re-install/upgrade/remove it. Detect installed products on the system and automatically upgrade older versions of products, all as part of the same unified setup. Advanced Setup Commands: InstallAware Enterprise provides the advanced scripting functionality that complex software installations demand. Install services, ODBC drivers, configure DSNs, detect IIS versions and folders, terminate running programs, setup Internet Explorer, the Java virtual machine, and more.

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