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IncrediShow - Create professional multimedia slideshows with your photos and more.


IncrediShow - Create professional multimedia slideshows with your photos and more.

Filename: incredishow.exe, 35.2Mb
Type: Shareware, $69.95

Create professional slideshow with IncrediShow. Blend your photography, flash, music, text animation and videos to produce impressive multimedia slide shows. Great for promoting your business, proofing images for clients or wowing family and friends.

200+ Highly customizable slide transition effect. Create more immersive slideshow with Pan and Zoom Motion (Ken & Burn) effect Add stunning text animation with total animation and timing control. Build in clipart library to cater most slideshow themes.

Adjust the timing of each object's animation and sound's playback precisely and easily using a timeline window. Waveform preview enables you to synchronize music, sound and visual element easily. Add interactivities to your slideshow such as click to play sound, click to show/hide visual objects, etc.

Import multimedia files such as MP3/OOG/AVI/WMV/MPEG/GIF animation to enhance your slideshow. Add a slideshow playback control which enable viewer to navigate through photos easier.

Publishing your slideshow as a Flash file guarantee your slideshow can be viewed by 99% of users without the need to install any additional software. Publish your slideshow as an executable file/CD/screen saver with registration, usage limit and a full application installer. Even print photos from slideshow.



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