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Download driver reviver  
Driver Reviver - Painlessly update drivers in just a few clicks.

Download DriverReviverSetup.exe, 2.3Mb
Free to try, $29.99 to buy.



Windows updates are simple enough to keep updated but what about all the other drivers? There's video, printer, sound, even your network card. Good luck getting all those checked and updated, for me it's almost impossible to do on a current basis. And those updates can be critical. Sometimes drivers correct security leaks, other times they address performance and even stability issues.

Driver Reviver allows you to update all your drivers in just a few clicks.

First it scans your computer, determines what drivers it needs and then uses one of the largest and most complete driver and software libraries around to find the most recent drivers for your devices and hardware.

If nothing else give it a try and let it tell you how many drivers you have that are out of date.

Worth checking out.

Download Driver Reviver

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