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downshift - download manager





Filename: downshift.exe, 2.17Mb
Type: Shareware, $25.00

DownShift is a Download Manager program to help you download files from the Internet.

Most people have already experienced the problem...you are downloading a file, and your modem gets disconnected, or call waiting interrupts, or your computer crashes, or any number of other problems. Then you have to restart the download from the very beginning, losing all the time you had already spent.

DownShift has many other more advanced features to help you download the files--from re-dialing the modem automatically to turning off the computer when it is done getting the files (so you can just leave it alone to do the work!) You can even set a time when it should dial the modem to get the files...so it can do all the work in the middle of the night while you sleep.

There are too many other features to list here. If you have ever thought "I wish when downloading I could do _________", there's a good chance DownShift already does it!


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