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Download Database Schema Designer - Effective Database Design  
Database Schema Designer - Effective Database Design

Click on filename to download: database-schema-designer.exe, 9.6Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $1,495 to buy.

Pretty much a rare exception to the programs usually available here but bear with me.

You're probably tired of hearing me complain about working with databases; in 30 years of computing database work still causes me more grief than anything else.

However databases are a fact of computing life and getting the design right is critical. Correcting design flaws after the fact can be expensive and certainly time consuming. If you consult or work for a large company and work with databases you may still be working with design on a whiteboard or even a legal pad. If you're like me you spend countless hours going over every detail before any actual work.

Database Schema Designer uses a natural and intuitive interface to make the whole design process easier and a lot faster. How? Look at these features:

Most Frequently Used Database Objects Support - Check constraints, foreign key constraints, functions, indexes, permissions, primary key constraints, rules, stored procedures, tables, triggers, types and more.

Automatic Object Naming System - Guarantee consistent Object names through the built in naming convention system. Most scheme objects can derive their names automatically. Name changes can update the other related objects.

Portable Open Source Document Format - Database Schema Designer files are stored as standard XML documents.

Database Interface - Scheme document's can easily be generated to SQL code in the text editor, either to a file or directly to the database. You can even reverse engineer an existing database directly from the database server.

Scheme Explorer - Easily navigate centralized management of all your schema objects.

All this is much easier to appreciate if you experience the program first hand. Download the demo, think it will end up paying for itself in short order.

Download . Click here to download Database Schema Designer Now

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