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cse html validator


CSE HTML Validator - HTML, XHTML and CSS development tool

Filename: csehtmlvalidator.exe, 13.2Mb
Type: Shareware, $69.00

If you're like me and write crummy HTML and/or depend on a WYSIWYG web page editor you might be surprised at how crummy you really are (or at least I was). CSE HTML Validator provides a huge crutch for me, worth checking out.

CSE HTML Validator Standard is a fast, powerful, highly user configurable, and easy to use professional HTML, XHTML, and CSS development tool that helps you create syntactically correct and accessible documents. You'll be surprised how many problems exist in your web documents, especially if it was made with a WYSIWYG editor or automatic HTML generator! CSE HTML Validator will help you locate and fix problems so that your documents are easily viewed by a variety of web browsers. In addition, CSE will give you valuable and customizable advice while alerting you to deprecated and proprietary tags and attributes. CSE is great for both HTML beginners and professionals who want to make sure that their website visitors do not leave their site because they run into problems caused by poorly written HTML. Version 6.5 includes CSS syntax checking, link checking, spell checking, a powerful, easy to use, integrated HTML/text editor, and an integrated web browser (browse the web while you validate the pages). CSE HTML Validator is a must have for any business that desires a quality, trouble-free web site.

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