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adsense log

Adsense Log - Check and analyze your Google Adsense ads data in real time.

Filename: adsense-log.exe, 2.4Mb
Type: Shareware, $69.95

AdSenseLog is a tool for checking and analyzing your Adsense ads data (Content, Search and Channel). This tool is aimed at site owners who use Adsense in their sites. It can provide - 1. Automatic checking of your data - impressions, clicks and revenue. The check can be performed in any interval you want (i.e. every 10 minutes). AdSenseLog will alert you (With a sound, a pop-up window or an E-Mail message) only when new data is available. 2. Analyze your data - extensive statistics: impressions, clicks, revenue, clickthrough, CPM and EPC. Daily, Weekly or Monthly views. Daily averages, and more. 3. Graph your data - Display many types of graphs, about every kind of statistics available. AdSenseLog can be used to find important trends in your data, check out you site's strong points, and its weaknesses, or just enjoy the real-time stats and pretty graphs...


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