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  PC-Net's PC News - September 2002
Don Watkins

XP Service Pack 1

By Don Watkins



September, 2002 --  The long awaited (?) XP Service Pack one has been released and it's a whopper, well over 100Mb so if you're on a slow speed connection and you want the update it might well be worth it to spring for the 10 bucks and get it on CD (being a glutton for punishment I opted for the download).

The download and install went without a hitch, no problems at all.

The list of bug fixes is impressive, well over 300 of them and you can check them out at the Microsoft SP1 site. A lot has been made of the bugginess of XP based on the number of fixes but frankly I think it's necessary to keep it in perspective IF it's a rewrite of a fairly complex operating system.

There are very few external changes but one of the first ones I noticed is the Set Program Access and Defaults utilities available on the Add/Remove Programs control in the control panel:

In theory this utility makes it easier for you to select the browser, IM client, email and Java VM you want to use. You have the option of All Microsoft, No Microsoft or Custom. 

To get third party apps to show up properly they'll need to modify application installers to use a new set of registry keys so it'll probably be a while before this component really "does something".

It's still early on, I haven't had any problems with XP anyway, but so far, so good.

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